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‘The Exorcist 2’ not touched upon in ‘The Exorcist : Believer’

Director David Gordon Green says he’s “not avoiding any of them…” but

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While the upcoming The Exorcist : Believer – opening October 13 – clearly connects to the original film by bringing back Ellen Bursytn’s Chris MacNeill, filmmaker David Gordon Green tells EW that there’s not necessarily any connections to the other Exorcist films released since the William Friedkin classic.

“To be honest, I’m not avoiding any of them, but I don’t know them very well. I’ve seen all of them. I’ve seen Exorcist III more than any of them. I know that one very well. Say what you will about Exorcist II, but it ain’t shy. It is a fearless epic of ideas, but [we’re] not necessarily following a character from Exorcist: The Beginning. We’re not looking into that. It’s not that type of a franchise that needs to check boxes.”

And will Linda Blair’s Regan be reintroduced to audiences, as an adult? (she is, they just haven’t confirmed it yet).

“The film alludes to her character in a number of ways. We were lucky and had Linda as a technical advisor. She helped us bring excellent performances out of young actresses. It was really valuable having a relationship with her and being able to get her as a part of this conversation.”

Believer sequel, The Exorcist: Deceiver is in the works for a April 18, 2025 release.

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