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‘Malibu Horror Story’ Poster and Release Announcement

Sunny Oak Films and Iconic Events Releasing (Terrifier, Terrifier 2) have announced the theatrical release date for festival fave Malibu Horror Story. Following an expansive film festival run around the globe, the award-winning, independent horror film will hit theaters on October 20th with a limited release across North America.

Initially inspired by found-footage juggernauts Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, the film went into development in the late 2000s. Shot over the course of ten-plus years with 30 different cameras and various codecs, Director/Writer/Producer Scott Slone continued to shape and develop the film, utilizing its found footage roots while incorporating multiple genres, including crime, mystery, and horror. Well received in the festival space, MALIBU HORROR STORY secured official selections at 67 film festivals, such as Panic Fest and Grimmfest, and received over 65 awards, including Scariest Film (HorrorFest International), Best of Fest, and Best Director (Crimson Screen), the Audience Award for Best Feature and Best of Fest (Firstglance Film Festival) and Best Horror Feature (Atlanta Horror Film Festival).

“I am a big fan of the found footage sub-genre and wanted to try and do something different with the format and structure of how a traditional found footage film is presented. Our story is told through different perspectives, timelines, and layers of media that were compiled over several years. The goal was to incorporate all of those elements and place them inside of a conventional horror movie structure that would not only appeal to found footage enthusiasts but to a broader horror audience as well,” said Slone.

Producer Andrew Williams added, “We are thrilled with the positive reception from fans and critics during our film festival run this past year, and the success has demonstrated that this is a horror movie made to be experienced in theaters, and we couldn’t be happier that we finally found the right partner with Iconic Events Releasing to help us bring it to the big screen.”

The pic stars Dylan Sprayberry (Teen Wolf, Light as a Feather, Sick), Robert Bailey Jr. (Nightshift, Emergence), Valentina de Angelis (Gossip Girl), Rebecca Forsythe (Replace, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit). The film features contortionist and creature actor “Twisty” Troy James (Nightmare Alley, Hellboy, Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark), who rose to fame after season 13 of “America’s Got Talent” and Actor/Stunt Performer Douglas Tait (Annabelle Comes Home, Hellboy and Halloween Kills). The film also stars Tommy Cramer, Veno Miller, Jacob Hughes, and Hector Gomez Jr.

The film takes place over ten years in Malibu, California, following the mysterious disappearance of four popular high school boys on graduation night. We follow a team of paranormal investigators as they search a sacred cave in the hills of Malibu for clues to the boys’ disappearance, only to uncover a terrifying truth.

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