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Catwoman actress, ‘Black Panther’ director head to Mars

The first colloboration between the actor and filmmaker, respectively


Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway is reportedly teaming with Black Panther director Ryan Googler for a new sci-fi flick at Netflix.

Titled Eclipse Convergence, intel on the project was first published by Giant Freakin Robot, who said the film will see the Interstellar actress play mission leader on a trip to Mars.

Hathaway is “Captain Nia Williams in Eclipse Convergence, who commands humanity’s first manned mission to Mars. During their journey, Captain Williams and her crew experience a rare cosmic event which somehow endows them with special powers. Williams and her colleagues are forced to confront not only their new abilities, but the responsibilities those new powers give them”, said the oft-reliable outlet.

The film marks the first collaboration between The Dark Knight Rises actress and Coogler.

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