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One of David Fincher’s best films being adapted for Television

What’s in the box?

One of the most brilliant thrillers of the ’90s, David Fincher’s Se7en looks to be getting the inevitable remake treatment.

In this case, per Giant Freakin Robot, the Brad Pitt-Morgan Freeman movie will be translated for television. A series, which Fincher is reportedly onboard, is in the works at Netflix – same shingle that the filmmaker worked on with on the critically acclaimed series “Mindhunter”.

Says the site :

Other details remain unknown besides the fact that David Fincher will base the Netflix show on his original film. Se7en starred Brad Pitt as David Mills, a young, arrogant detective eager to prove himself, and Morgan Freeman as the ready-to-retire veteran, William Somerset, partnered with Pitt’s Mills for the movie’s big case. While we’d love to see both actors reprise their roles for the new series (one would be particularly hard to pull off), we have no word on whether or not the story will even feature the same characters as the film.

Some may be interested to know that a movie sequel to Fincher’s film was retooled into a standalone film – anyone seen this?

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