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New ‘Robocop’, ‘Stargate’ & ‘Poltergeist’ shows in the works at Amazon

The streamer owns the rights to the MGM catalogue

Amazon Studios, who now host MGM’s library, have been sifting their through newly owned goldmine of past classics identifying which past films they can remake, spin-off or sequelize. Among the genre efforts they’re said to be focusing on are Robocop, Stargate and Poltergeist.

Deadline hears A-list creative auspices have reached out to inquire about adapting MGM IP which they are fans of. Additionally, Amazon Studios also has been leaning on its own roster of talent for some projects.

The trade reports that both a TV series and feature film are being eyed.

A TV show will likely come first but they’ll follow that up with a new film.

It’s unknown whether the new Poltergeist will be a sequel, prequel, remake or reboot and whether it’ll be made for film or TV.

There are currently no plans to do anything with the James Bond series, outside of the films EON makes, says the trade.

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