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Good news for latest ‘Ghostbusters’ sequel

A couple of wizards are returning to their post for ‘Afterlife 2’

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Cool news from the, er, Firehouse – Ghostbusters : Afterlife creature creator and special makeup effects designer Arjen Tuiten has been retapped to work on the film’s upcoming sequel. The new movie, which is said to reunite the young cast of the previous movie with the OG stars again, begins filming in the UK at the end of the month.

Tutien’s instagram confirmed the wiz’s – who created everything from the terror dogs to Gozer, for the last flick – involvement.

Puppeteer and craftsman William Bryan, who worked on the original 1984 film, has also confirmed his involvement on his socials.

For the movie, released in December, tradespeople are reportedly hard at work on recreating the firehouse from the original films – the older one in L.A being a little run-down, for one, and the old sets likely destroyed by now.

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