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‘Dr. Death’ vs. ‘Dr. Doom’ in ‘Fantastic Four’!? [Exclusive]


While Dev Patel and Adam Driver’s names have been oft-linked to the role of Reed Richards in Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four, let me throw another name into the mix.

Josh Jackson.

While I can confirm that the “Doctor Death” star is also on Marvel’s wish-list for the pricey pic – I haven’t been able to get confirmation that he’s up for stretchy patriarch Richards. My source, however, thinks that’s the first role they’re looking at – so it would therefore make sense.

At 44, the Urban Legend alum is slightly older than other rumored candidates – for example Patel is 32, Driver is 39 – but having actors of different ages on that ‘faves list’ gives casting directors more opportunities where it comes to mixing and matching, should they decide to cast an older Sue Storm and so on.

Matt Shakman’s Fantastic Four doesn’t open until February 14, 2025 so they’ve a little while to find who is right.

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