‘Indiana Jones’ star tipped for ‘Alien’ movie

‘Romulus’ to feature an android like Michael Fassbender’s from Alien : Covenant

20th Century Fox

A few days back Disney darling Phoebe Waller-Bridge, star of the Mouse’s upcoming Indiana Jones bookend, was rumored to be a up for a lead role in another of the studios’ franchise restarts.

Per very reliable insider Daniel RPK, the Fleabag creator is being eyed to play ‘The David’ of the next Alien movie, Alien : Romulus. That movie, to premiere on Hulu, is a new standalone Alien movie from director Fede Alvarez.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

For the unversed, ‘David’ was the android at the center of the last couple of Alien movies, beginning with the controversial Prometheus.

Not only have I been able to confirm that the rumor is indeed on the money, and that Waller-Bridge is indeed atop of Disney’s wish list for the film, but was also hand-balled this nugget : The script, like Predator film Prey, will feature nods to the other movies and a suggestion that it could link up to Scott’s original Alien movie, by way of returning characters, if the series continues.

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