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Michael Keaton Batman solo movie details revealed!

The actor returns to the role after The Flash. Will it be for this?

Speaking on the projects that might not longer be on the docket over at DC Films, under their new guard, Jeff Sneider says a Batman solo project set to star Michael Keaton had been on the to-do list under previous management.

The film, which would’ve seen Keaton reprise the role he returns to in next year’s The Flash, has now been revealed to be a live-action Batman Beyond project.

Per long-time industry scooper El Mayimbe, Batman Beyond was indeed-  he didn’t confirm whether it was cancelled or not, suggesting it still might be in the cards – in the works.

TV’s Batman Beyond served as a sequel to Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, taking place in a futuristic version of Gotham, with an elder Batman training young recruit Terry McGinnis to take over.

We’ll find out soon if it’s still on the cards!

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