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‘Blade’ plot leak hints at familiar characters, unexpected co-lead

Directed by Yann Demange, and starring Mahershala Ali, the pic releases Sep 6, 2024

New Line

A new 4Chan post has details on the upcoming Blade reboot, suggesting the title character’s daughter might be joining her pop in the undead slaying.

With the Blade comics planning to introduce Brielle Brooks, Blade’s daughter, it’s quite likely the leak is on the money.

Like the Wesley Snipes original, the new film is said to begin with Blade’s mother, with the pregnant lass visiting “Dr. Deacon Frost for treatment, only to discover that he is a vampire preying on outcasts like her.”

We’re then taken to New York, ’70s, where we catch up with vampire hunters Rachel Van Helsing and Hannibal King as they “infiltrate a vampire gathering, but are caught and nearly killed before Blade rescues them.”

New Line

Their employer tries to recruit Blade too. He turns down the offer until he finds out their after Frost. Seems he fed on Blade’s mother, leaving baby Eric to die in the streets.

The daughter character, Alex, is soon introduced – and seems the film’s villain wants to use her DNA to transform his followers Frost into Daywalkers.

For the full lowdown head here.

Blade, directed by Yann Demange, and starring Mahershala Ali, releases Sep 6, 2024.

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