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Mangold confirms ‘Indiana Jones 5’ opening sequence rumors

“My hope is that, although it will be talked about in terms of technology…”

Credited to EMPIRE Magazine

A bunch of new images from James Mangold’s, er, untitled Indiana Jones adventure have hit (via Empire) over the past week with one image showing off the computery effects used to create the film’s much talked about flashback sequence.

What ‘computery effects’?

de-ageing stuffs, to be exact.

Mangold confirmed that the film opens in 1944, two decades shy of the film’s main setting, and sees Ford encountering Nazi’s in a castle.

Credited to EMPIRE Magazine


“And then we fall out, and you find yourself in 1969,” Mangold tells Empire. “So that the audience doesn’t experience the change between the ‘40s and ‘60s as an intellectual conceit, but literally experiences the buccaneering spirit of those early days… and then the beginning of now.”

“My hope is that, although it will be talked about in terms of technology, you just watch it and go, ‘Oh my God, they just found footage. This was a thing they shot 40 years ago,’” said producer Kathleen Kennedy in the interview. “We’re dropping you into an adventure, something Indy is looking for, and instantly you have that feeling, ‘I’m in an Indiana Jones movie.’”

As for when the trailer hits?

A couple of weeks, apparently.

And the title that might be on that trailer’s end title card?

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Let’s see is TheRaider.Net have a straight flush!

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