AFM : ‘Close Encounters’ prequel & other new films on the way

SCARE recently attended the 2022 AFM in Santa Monica.


SCARE recently attended the American Film Market in Santa Monica. There were some great indie projects stumped – see below for a selection of art we snapped – but of most interest, seems a prequel to Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind could be on the way – albeit via award-winning independent producers Snakebyte Productions.

The filmmaking hub, whose other credits include, have shot a pilot that they plan to shop as a series of films or television episode series. So, it’s not greenlit yet, nobody has picked it up, and there’s no official players involved yet, but Snakebyte is trying to get it going.

Here’s a trailer for the proposed project, featuring Jason Barry, Youssef Delara, and Nelson Hayne. Kurtis Anson directed.

And here’s the synopsis for that one :

This prequel to Steven Spielberg’s original 1977 science fiction film, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, opens six years before the world saw young Barry Guiler open the door to an alien spaceship outside his home in Muncie, Indiana.

Even before young Barry Guiler is born, we explore who his father is, Barry Guiler Sr., and his relationship with Jillian Newson, later to become Jillian Guiler. The two met during their childhood and they have a Close Encounter of the Third Kind at a Summer Camp in 1951 in Connersville, Indiana. They will separate for twenty years but will find themselves entangled in mysterious connections through research scientist, Claude Lacombe.

Claude Lacombe leads his investigation in search of answers as he has a theory that these encounters have been going on for a long time, maybe hundreds of years. Barry Sr. comes to face the younger French Scientist, Claude Lacombe, who is working with the United States Air Force as a research scientist. Barry Sr. has another encounter in Vietnam and is debriefed by Lacombe. Lacombe is interested in Barry’s connection with Jillian.

Barry Sr. makes his way to see Jillian back in the United States to find the two have had very similar experiences with alien encounters over the years. Though they seem like faint memories to Barry Sr., the encounters are vivid to Jillian. The two soon realize that their experiences, though in different parts of the world, are similar. The already popular original film plays a large role in the target audience. To grab a global audience in multiple languages, Lacombe will find himself in various countries and the original language of some characters will be spoken.

Though the primary language is best suited in English, the search globally will introduce the audience to the native languages of that country.

Other art seen around AFM :

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