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Is Norrin Radd coming to the big screen or small screen!?

She-Hulk success paves the way for more Disney+ Marvel fare


With the critical and commercial success of She-Hulk, Marvel have decided to port over a bunch of previously planned film projects, like Armor Wars, to the small screen.

According to Cosmic Circus, one of those projects is a Norrin Radd vehicle.

Despite all of these rumors and speculation, details regarding the coming of Galactus’ Herald have been scarce. Until now. We at The Cosmic Circus can confirm that Marvel Studios is indeed developing a Silver Surfer solo project. Additionally, our sources confirm Giant Freakin Robot’s claims earlier this month, that Marvel has plans for a Silver Surfer Special Presentation on Disney+.

This is a massive addition to the MCU, especially the cosmic aspect of it all. Silver Surfer is one of the biggest cornerstones in Marvel Comics history. He is also perhaps one of the top players when it comes to the cosmic side of Marvel. His upcoming debut will undoubtedly make waves across the fandom for all the right reasons.
The Current Concept for the Silver Surfer Special Presentation

Per our sources, the Silver Surfer Special Presentation will have a similar style to Werewolf by Night. The project will feature Norrin Radd as Galactus’ Herald out in the far corners of the cosmos. Radd will not be on Earth during his special presentation and will also not interact with any cosmic characters already established in the MCU.

‘My Time to Shine Hello’ begs to differ, suggesting it’ll be a movie – as always planned.

The latter does say though there are some Marvel projects coming to TV though – so ya never know.

About that big ‘Avengers : Secret Wars’ rumour…

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