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Black Adam 2 will likely feature this character!

Reviews are so far very mixed but the film is tracking to open well.

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Black Adam opens tomorrow, and the big question is : Will it make enough bank to not only salvage the DCEU but mint a new franchise!?

Reviews are so far very mixed but the film is tracking to open well. How well? We’ll know Monday morning when the box office results for the weekend come in.

If the Dwayne Johnson starrer does do well, it’ll not only help move some of those other DCEU projects to the next square – like Man of Steel 2 – but see the wrestler cum actor get a second shot at playing the anti-hero.

And it’s pretty clear what the sequel will be about.

**spoiler alert**

Henry Cavill’s Superman makes a fleeting appearance in Black Adam. That, obviously, sets up a future bout between the Man of Steel and Johnson’s strongman.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson is determined to get that Black Adam vs. Superman movie made.

Johnson, however, has Superman plans of his own, and has been very vocal about his desire to make a Black Adam versus Superman movie, a desire he has only reiterated more frequently in the lead-up to Adam’s release. This comes as he talks up the “surprise” cameo at the end of Adam, with the actor all but stating that Cavill will appear. Insiders are wondering if Johnson’s comments are intended to goose the movie’s opening weekend box office numbers or to maneuver Superman onto his own chessboard, or perhaps both.

Go and see Black Adam on the weekend and you might just help move the needle on that Black Adam vs. Superman movie, as well as another Superman film starring Cavill.

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