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About that big ‘Avengers : Secret Wars’ rumour…

Disney, time to open that wallet.


So, if you’ve been anywhere near the blue bird the past week you’ll be aware there’s a rumor floating around regarding a certain Avengers alum – Ok, shit, it’s Robert Downey as Iron Man – returning for one of the next Avengers movies.

“Any truth to that, Rafe?” I was asked this week.

“Sure is,” I said. “Well, in the sense that there’s negotiations.”


The Pick-Up Artist isn’t only the MCU alum making a return to the comic book subgenre for The Avengers : Secret Wars, with a sharp-fingered Aussie also said to be having similar negotiations.

The Michael Waldron-penned script for Avengers : Secret Wars turns film May 1, 2026.

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