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New WB brass passes on Constantine TV series

Maybe something to do with the new film sequel?

Likely much to do with Warner greenlighting a Constantine movie sequel, Deadline is reporting that HBO Max has officially passed on a new Constantine series that was being developed by executive producer J.J Abrams and writer Gary Bolton. Abrams, coincidentally, is a producer on the newly-announced Constantine movie sequel, which will see Keanu Reeves reprise his role from the 2005 film as the title character.

The series, in development a couple of years before David Zaslav started calling the shots at Warner Bros, will be shopped around.

HBO Max has also passed on “Madame X”, also from Abrams, which was being written by & executive produced by showrunner Angela Robinson. Like “Constantine”, Bad Robot hopes to find another home for that series.

Via ‘Deadline

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