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Movie Rumors Doing the Rounds!

The next “Saw” film is rumored to be a prequel fixing on Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw

Doom Patrol and Titans About to Be Axed?

Per Variety, Warner Bros hasn’t yet decided on the fate of HBO Max offerings “Doom Patrol” and “Titans” but some predict the end may be nearing for both.


Saw 10 to be a prequel?

The next “Saw” film is rumored to be a prequel fixing on Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw. A well-known director is said to be involved.


The Flash will be scrapped?

That’s just one of three options Warner Bros is said to be looking at for the film with the other two being 1) Ezra Miller seeks treatment 2) Miller does a tell-all interview and does limited press.


Leslie Grace will still play Batgirl!?

Despite the “Batgirl” movie being cancelled, star Leslie Grace is rumoured to still be WB’s girl to play the role down the line in another movie.


Henry Cavill already snapped up by Marvel?

Is this why ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill hasn’t agreed to return to DC? Per Moth Culture, he’s playing Mister Fantastic in the next “Fantastic Four” movie.


Halloween Ends ending rumour…

Don’t click here if you don’t want the upcoming film’s conclusion spoilt – if this is even true. It does fit in with what we’ve been hearing though…


Wonder Man TV series coming!?

Yup, apparently it’ll be announced at D23 next month.


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Kevin Greutert to direct Saw prequel