Marvel brass met with Mandalorian actor to discuss these two parts

Which parts? these parts…!

Marvel/Sideshow Toy

The rumour mill suggests Marvel loves them some Giancarlo Esposito. No surprise, he’s great. Any truth to whispers of him meeting with the studio to discuss some superhero flicks in recent times? Guess we’ll find out.

Here’s what’s what : The “Mandalorian” and “Breaking Bad” alum has, according to numerous sources, met with Feige’s crew about pivotal roles coming up – Doom and Professor X.

Esposito would take over from James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart, respectively, as the chief of the “X-Men” in the latter. (Though there’s another rumor floating around that Stewart’s going to return as Professor X for another film shortly…).


Marvel brass are also said to be looking at Aussie actor Simon Baker (“The Mentalist”) for the role of Victor Von Doom, rumoured to be the ‘big bad’ across several future MCU ventures in addition to “Fantastic Four”, so sounds like they’re looking at a varied bunch of actors for the part.

Stay tuned…

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