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Watch a new clip from Phil Tippett’s Mad God

The movie is now filming on Shudder

Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thrillers and the supernatural, today released a new clip from the Shudder Original sci-animated horror ”Mad God” – the nightmarish stop-motion masterpiece written and directed by visionary Oscar and Emmy Award-winning animator and special effects supervisor, Phil Tippett (”RoboCop”, ”Jurassic Park”).

The pic is now streaming on Shudder.

Mad God is an experimental animated film set in a world of monsters, mad scientists and war pigs. A corroded diving bell descends amidst a ruined city, settling down upon an ominous fortress guarded by zombie-like sentries. The Assassin emerges to explore a labyrinth of bizarre, desolate landscapes inhabited by freakish denizens. Through unexpected twists and turns, he experiences an evolution beyond his wildest comprehension. A labour of love that has taken 30 years to complete, Mad God combines live-action and stop-motion, miniature sets and other innovative techniques to bring Tippett’s wholly unique and grotesquely beautiful vision to life.

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