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See Jurassic Park and American Psycho at a cemetery!

Kicking off Memorial Day weekend at Hollywood Forever Cemetery


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Cinespia, LA’s favorite cinematic experience presented by Amazon Studios, is returning for its 21st season at the iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery starting Memorial Day weekend, kicking off a jam-packed summer of programming with Mean Girls (5/28), Back to the Future (5/29), Twilight (6/3), and American Psycho (6/4). Additionally, Cinespia will be holding a special screening of Jurassic Park this Friday (5/13) at Los Angeles Historic Park. 

“We’re beyond excited to be back at Hollywood Forever and kick off our 21st season over Memorial Day Weekend with two screenings,” said Cinespia founder, John Wyatt. “We’re looking forward to seeing our patrons this summer under the stars celebrating cinema at some of LA’s most iconic venues,” added Alia Penner, Cinespia’s Creative Director.


The beer and wine bar and concession stands are returning along with the Free Photobooth that will feature dreamy scenes inspired by your favorite films. Cinespia DJs to spin onsite before and after the films. 

Friday, May 13 – Jurassic Park at Los Angeles Historic Park. Cinespia goes Jurassic for Friday the 13th. Stomp the yard with the Steven Spielberg classic that brought dinosaurs back from the dead. It’s a stampede of fierce fun and veloci-rapture with the one that started them all. A visionary scientist creates a theme park utopia where genetically revived dinosaurs roam free. Enjoy the glow of the downtown Los Angeles skyline footsteps away from historic Chinatown. DJ sets, delectable movie treats, and a Free Photo Booth make this night in the park a must.

Saturday, May 28th – Mean Girls at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Get in the car, loser! We’re going to Cinespia. Memorial Day Weekend kicks off with the queen b of high school comedies. Get your besties on a three way call, or send out candygrams to your clique for the event of the year, just leave the burn book at home. It’s a jungle out there when Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) navigates the wild world of public high school. Enjoy limitless laughs in the perfect piece of pop from the early aughts. Also starring Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfriend, Tina Fey, and Lacey Chabert. Avoid social suicide by gathering your cool mom, friends, and/or band of art freaks for a picnic and a movie under the stars. Be sure to show it off with your best 2000s fashions in our Photo booth fit for a Spring Fling Queen. Kickass Cinespia DJs keep the party going. Our concession stand and grill has it all, even if you want to make out with a hot dog (“that was one time!”). You better be there. Mwah.

Sunday, May 29th – Back to the Future at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Great Scott! Speed race against the clock in the greatest Delorean ride of your life. Come see one of the most beloved films ever this Memorial Day weekend. When Marty McFly is accidentally sent back in time, he needs the help of his teenage parents and a brilliant but eccentric scientist to be sent back to the future. With a perfect cast, including Christopher Lloyd at his frenzied best, Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson. Ride high with DJ sets before and after the film, while the popcorn fun overflows with treats and eats from our concessions stand. Don’t forget to visit our Beer and Wine bar to refresh. 


Friday, June 3rd – Twilight at Los Angeles Historic Park. Revisit the pop goth guilty pleasure! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson turned the brooding, otherworldly love story into a blockbuster saga. The angst will suck you in, and blood boiling chemistry will rekindle the teen romance that is now a campy classic. LA State Historic Park brings the glittery moodiness to life with fantastical greens and the brooding LA skyline in view. Visit our Free Photobooth that’s sure to leave your skin aglow, and enjoy the biting teen romance with concessions, beer, wine, and food from our grill. DJ sets before and after the film are sure to create howling soundscapes for immortal memories.

Saturday, June 4th – American Psycho at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Spend the night with cinema’s sexiest sociopath for a slice of dashing and thrashing fun! Suave serial killer Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) has a taste for the finer things and a bloodlust that just won’t stop. Climbing the corporate ladder can be murder. Laugh yourself to pieces in a ferocious frenzy of shock and chainsaws. Also starring Jared Leto, Willem Dafoe, Reese Witherspoon, and Chloe Sevigny in Bret Easton Ellis’s macabre masterpiece. Slap on that face mask to show off your killer looks in our Free Photobooth. Leave the business cards at home and enjoy a night out with DJ sets before and after the film. Our bar is stocked with beer and wine, and our grill and concessions stand has all the deliciousness you crave. Dorsia is probably booked anyway.

What began with a screening of Strangers on a Train for a few hundred people has become a Los Angeles institution, hosting hundreds of thousands of moviegoers on the famed Fairbanks Lawn. Now the most popular outdoor cinema event in Southern California, Cinespia is celebrated by fans and filmmakers for hosting a relaxed, off-beat experience. Welcoming up to 4,000 moviegoers per night, guests are invited to bring their own blankets, food, and drinks (including beer and wine), before settling in under the stars for a classic (and sometimes campy) cinematic experience. The magic of Hollywood’s most memorable moments is heightened by the roar of the crowd and movies on the big screen. Every screening also features world class DJ talent to keep the crowd buzzing before and after the main event.

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