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Rafe’s Rumour Corner : O’Brien’s Teen Wolf clash, Wolf Pack details, Winchester shoot, Fast 10 bit

We’ve a bit on a couple of upcoming TV shows today

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A few bits today, a couple of which you may have seen sprinkled across our Twitter page (follow us here to get scoops first -yep, even before they hit the site!) over the past couple of days.


Firstly, I hear that had Emilio Estevez and Disney had their falling out over “Game Changers”, the former Brat Packer would’ve reprised his role from the 1987 classic “Stakeout” for some sort of ‘requel’ for the Disney+ network.


In other non-genre news (so the second bit likely to get me a nasty email from the publisher), I hear that Universal are chasing two young male twins, aged 7-9, to play pivotal roles in the next “Fast & Furious” movie.

The boys “should have brown eyes/hair and an Afro-Latino or mixed-race, Black-Caucasian appearance.” Yep, the family is getting bigger!


Speaking of shooting dates, I hear “The Winchesters”, the new “Supernatural” prequel fixing on the boys’ parents, shoots from April in New Orleans.


Gearing up a month later, in May, is another series “Wolf Pack” from “Teen Wolf” alum Jeff Davis.

Producers are currently casting Everett, the lead. Description : Character portrayed as male, 18 + to play 17. Everett is an anxiety ridden, over medicated youth constantly on the verge of a panic attack, yet is always working to better his mental health through therapy, meditation, and other means. However, his parents, who never let up on their constant disdain and criticism only exacerbate his condition. When Everett is trapped outside a school bus as a raging wildfire sends hordes of panicked animals fleeing the conflagration, he and his fellow classmate, Blake, are badly wounded by a mysterious creature that emerges from the woods.Everett subsequently realizes, in the hallucinatory aftermath of his injury, that he has developed extraordinary new abilities.

The 10-episode first season premieres in 2022.

Speaking of “Teen Wolf”, you’ll have heard that Dylan O’Brien couldn’t do “Teen Wolf : the Movie” because of a scheduling clash? that is completely true – there’s nothing more to it, in fact Dylan has already agreed to reprise Stiles in future movies if Paramount+ decided to do more. So don’t fret fans, Stiles will be back.

Until next time!

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