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Rafe’s Rumor Corner : Star Wars trilogy rumblings

Returning to a Galaxy Far, Far Away are we?


Now this comes third hand, so don’t be saving up your popcorn money just yet, but according to a reliable colleague that works closely with the Mitish Plym Cholissim, there’s rumblings of a new “Star Wars” movie trilogy gearing up for a shoot Thames-side.

Interestingly enough, the new series would be set after the events of the Abrams’ films and though the treatment calls for Daisy Ridley to replace Rey, taking over for where Luke left off, there’s now talk that they might have to rejig the plot to fix on a new character.


Yeah, seems, Ridley – who, let’s admit it, hasn’t been short of week since “Rise of the Skywalker” hit theaters a couple of years ago, might have already nixed the opportunity to reprise Rey for another “Star Wars” movie trilogy. Fair enough, too, that was more than a big chunk of the girls’ life filming those other flicks.

How long off is this thing? That our contact doesn’t know just that something is a bubblin’.

Whatcha think? Personally, would rather they saved any potential story about ‘What Rey is up to now…’ for a future episode of one of the Disney+ series. That might even seem more attractive and feasible for the “Murder on the Orient Express” actress.

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