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Story details for The Batman 2 revealed?

A popular comic book arc, featuring a horde of villains, being adapated

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Ahead of the release of “The Batman” in March, one oft-reliable scooper knows what original source material the writers of the film’s inevitable sequel will be adapting.

Robert Pattinson’s sophomore Batman film will likely see the Caped Crusader -and possibly even Batgirl- battling quarantined Gotham City residents like Two-Face, Clay Face and Victor Zsasz. A rather timely storyline, too.

Yep, according to ‘My Time to Shine’, “The Batman 2” will be a feature adaptation of “No Mans Land”, the comic crossover that ran for most of 2009.

Here’s the synopsis of the comic, which should give you a good idea of what to expect from the film : Months after a cataclysmic earthquake, the last remaining citizens of Gotham City live amid a citywide turf war in which the strong prey on the weak. 

While Bruce Wayne leaves the city, but continues to encourage the government to help those still in Gotham, those aforesaid villains as well as Huntress/Batgirl, Lucius Fox, Alfred, and Commissioner Gordon stay behind. Superman even turns up at one stage to lend a hand.

Let’s remember that a lot of other superhero films have used comics for their source material but have changed the plot and add and subtracted characters (so, don’t expect Superman to necessarily show up in the film version) and it’s likely “The Batman 2” will do something similar.

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Jamie Lee Curtis, Blumhouse team for The Sticky

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