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Jamie Lee Curtis, Blumhouse team for The Sticky

A new TV series about an evil maple syrup corporation


Jamie Lee Curtis will executive produce a new comedy/thriller series for Blumhouse.

According to Binge Watch This, the “Halloween” icon may even star in the show.

The Illuminerdi have an exclusive look at the upcoming series, supplying the following synopsis :

Two mysterious individuals work with organized criminals to take down an evil maple syrup corporation in The Sticky. As of now, it is unclear how this premise will work with the anthology aspect of the TV series. The upcoming Blumhouse project was described to us as being similar in tone to the HBO series, Barry. 

Barry is an amazing story from Alec Berg and Bill Hader, who stars as the title character. The show follows Barry Berkman, a depressed former soldier turned hitman who wants to become an actor. Considering that The Sticky follows the mafia’s fight against “Big Maple”, the outlandish premises of these could certainly be compared against each other. Both shows promise oddball comedy blended with TV action-violence. Very few TV comedies match Barry in terms of emotional resonance, intense action, and laugh-out-loud writing. Barry season three is currently in production. If The Sticky is half as good as Barry, Blumhouse Production fans are in for a treat. 

The half-hour comedy series

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