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His Spider-Man may return for the next film! [*Spoiler Alert*]

“Spider-Man : No Way Home” opened to $587 million globally

Marvel Studios

Not surprisingly, considering the weekend’s box-office take and the critical response to the film, two words are trending on Twitter this weekend :

Andrew Garfield.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Some are suggesting Garfield’s return as the web-slinger from the Marc Webb universe of films in Marvel’s “Spider-Man : No Way Home” has been so well-received – even more so than some of the other returning players – that Marvel might pause from the Tom Holland series for a couple of years (so Tom, who has suggested he’d like to break for a bit, can get his breath) and have Garfield front another “Amazing Spider-Man 3”. There’s even talk Garfield’s Spidey could team with Tom Holland’s Eddie Brock in the next “Venom” film.

Sony Pictures/Lionsgate

Anyone’s guess, really, what they’ll do – nothing set in stone there. One industry insider does suggest, however, there’s a good chance we will see the “Eyes of Tammy Faye” star back in the red garb again.

Garfield has reportedly expressed interest in reprising his Peter Parker for another film so don’t be at all surprised to see that incarnation of Lee and Ditko created character before too long.

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