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Great White Review : Worth swimming to Shudder for

They are not the best characters or the most fleshed out ones either, but they will suffice


What is the scariest monster in the history of cinema? We have certainly seen our fair share of crazy alien creatures in a large variety of films. We also have a laundry list of different demons that have possessed plenty of people on screen. But are things we have never experienced before truly the things that are most terrifying? How about the horrifying creatures that inhabit our world? This might be some horrible fake news, but movie sharks are quite frightening. Sharks in real life do not hunt humans like they always do in horror films, but they sure do in the movies!

With Shudder releasing Great White, how does this film standout in the legacy of classic shark horror films? Well first off, there is no need to compare every film to Jaws. This is a seminal classic that goes well beyond the bounds of what a horror film is. There is even more human drama in Jaws then there are creature feature horror elements. With Great White, we are certainly going for the creature feature camp of scares. Martin Wilson’s horror flick does the job in setting up a group of humans that we may or may not care about. The screenplay from Michael Boughen does give enough time to set up a reasonable scenario with some people who have basic connections with each other. They are not the best characters or the most fleshed out ones either, but they will suffice.

But we are here for the scares, right? So, does the film deliver? There are some tropes throughout the film that you expect to get in a modern horror film. The music and sound hit you real hard whenever a scare is coming your way. Why do filmmakers need to do this? I don’t know but it seems like it is expected so you see Wilson go in that route. There are some idiotic choices and nonsensical behavior from our characters as well. I guess whenever someone pops up in a horror film, their IQ drops in half. But you know what? Wilson delivers some solid scares and a film that is well shot. You will certainly get some scares along the way.

Is Great White the most unique and bold of shark films out there? Not quite. But what do you want out of a shark movie? Probably some shark attacks, some scares, and at least a bit of human connection. You get all of that in Great White. If this is your kind of film, show this one some love and stream it on Shudder when it drops.

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