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Favreau and Filoni rumored for Star Wars movie projects

“The Mandalorian” would say ‘this is the way.,.’

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™- courtesy Lucasfilm

With “The Mandalorian” a numbers darling for Disney and the “Boba Fett” spin-off shaping up to the one of the bonza highlights of the upcoming holiday season, this news won’t surprise many.

According to YouTube scooper Grace Randoloph, Lucasfilm is trying to lure Jon Favreu and Dave Filoni over to the movie division.

Having not had a lot of luck with their recent “Star Wars” film projects- particularly when compared to those bravura reviews for their recent small screen projects- no surprise that Kathleen Kennedy would want to hand the keys to two folks who seem to not how to get the job done.

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