Rambo TV series back in development

An earlier attempt, back in 2015, would’ve teamed Sly’s Rambo with an onscreen son

Pexels/Roadshow Films

That on-again off-again “Rambo” TV series is apparently on the cards again.

Back in 2015, Fox, Entertainment One and Avi Lerner’s Millennium Films were developing a TV spin-off of the Sylvester Stallone-starring movie series with Jeb Stuart (“The Fugitive”) on writing duties. The thing never happened.

“First Blood” author David Morrell, who had been worked on the project, later said that he’d pulled out of colloborating on the series over creative differences. He didn’t like where it was headed. According to the writer, one idea had Stallone’s 70-something John Rambo getting about with his son, while another version was going to focus on Rambo as a youth.

Whether Morrell is involved nobody knows but according to industry scooper Daniel Richtman the “Rambo” TV series is back in development.

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