Rafe’s Rumour Corner : Michael Douglas returning as Jack Colton!?

Disney may follow up their “Mighty Ducks”, “Home Alone” and “Alien” revivals with this!

With Disney big on tapping into not only their own vault but the old Fox vault -now that they have the keys – I’ve heard whispers of another franchise being eyed for a revival.

While I don’t know whether it’ll be a series or a film, I do believe it’s something being produced for Disney+ – so it could be either.

This is what I’ve got – Michael Douglas. Jack Colton. “Romancing the Stone”-follow-up. Younger lead. Wise Jack offering support.

Side Note : Spoke recently to the writer of a once proposed third “Stone” film who rubbished reports that that film was going to be called “The Crimson Eagle” – it was something more along the lines of “The Golden Buddha”.

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