Rafe’s Rumour Corner : Garfield sticking around for more Spidey!

The future Oscar winner (?) might be a regular at Culver City Studios

Sony Pictures/Lionsgate

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama alum Andrew Garfield is the talk of the, well, web this week.

His Netflix gem “Tick.. Tick..Boom” is chalking up a plethora of reviews on Netflix, and earning him not only raves but ‘Oscar buzz’, he’s gone viral with that heartfelt stance on grief on The Late Show, and his Cobra Kai fanning is also blowing up the twittersphere.

He’s been fabulous at deflecting those “Spider-Man : No Way Home” rumors, too.
Yes, he’s in it – and no, he can’t reveal that until Marvel tell him he can. Feige would have heads like Venom at a bad guy buffet if Garfield even mentioned his involvement.

No surprise, with all the heat Garfield is generating right now that Sony Pictures wants to keep the 38-year-old actor around following “Spider-Man : No Way Home”.
But for what?

Spidey, of course!

In addition to partaking in some of the other Tom Holland-led “Spider-Man” movies in the future, the Tony award winning actor has had discussions about possibility headlining another solo “Spider-Man” movie at some stage in the near future. How’s that for redemptive excellence!?

No word if that’s the plan for Tobey Maguire’s incarnation too (Garfield seems to be more enthusiastic, at this stage, about making Peter a regular visitor to his filmography) but with the multiverse well and truly open for business, there really is no counting just how many different versions of Spidey Sony decide are out there – and they’re ready to rip the lid off the possibilities soon.

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