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Ghostbusters 4 plans already afoot

“Ghostbusters Afterlife” opened to over $44 million box office receipts in the US

Sony Pictures

After spooking up a sumly $44 million-plus at the U.S box-office this weekend, expect Sony to quickly commission a sequel to Jason Reitman’s “Ghostbusters : Afterlife”.

The film, opening in Australia in January, stars Carrie Coon as a single mother who drags her two kids (McKenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard) to a small town in Oklahoma, where the youngsters discover they’re not only related to an OG Ghostbuster but stumble across his secret stash of Ghost-fighting equipment.

Reitman, who inherited the director’s cap from father Ivan, director of the original two films, has hinted that a sequel might already be in the works.

“…we have ideas moving forward”, the “Juno” filmmaker tells Uproxx.

Reitman says that one of the plot points that he’ll bring up in the next movie is why the car from “Ghostbusters II” isn’t in the film and instead we’re back to the “Ghostbusters” Ecto-1.

Might another of the ideas for the next film be a multiverse-combining epic combining the casts of both the new film and the 2016 Paul Feig directed film?

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