Dwayne Johnson doing San Andreas 2 in the near future?


Not that Dwayne Johnson doesn’t have enough on his plate – a “San Andreas 2” might soon be added to his docket.

Seven Bucks production head Hiram Garcia spoke with Screen Rant ahead of the bow of “Red Notice” on Netflix and suggested we might seen a follow-up to the Aussie-lensed disaster film.

“We actually have ideas,” Garcia said. “We’re working on something there on how we can continue that story. So, look, disaster movies are so much fun, and that was such a great concept. Our friend, Beau Flynn, had come up with the idea of being like, ‘You know what? You love disaster movies. And I would love the idea to do something based around a giant earthquake in the San Andreas fault.’ So New Line and Warners have always wanted a sequel to that. So we’ve been working hard to figure out how we could crack something in that space. But we’d love to be able to continue telling the story in that world. And I agree with you, there’s something to just the big cataclysmic… I feel like Roland Emmerich is the master of that. He’s, that is no one wants to destroy the world more but we’d like to try and take a couple little pieces of it and see what we can blow up as well.”

Here’s the trailer for “San Andreas”, which hit back in 2015.
Following a massive earthquake, Ray, a rescue-chopper pilot, and his estranged wife try to find and save their daughter before another disaster strikes.

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