Alien series casting two roles for March 2022 shoot

Noah Hawley is the showrunner, writer and director

20th Century Fox

The oft-reliable Daniel Richtman has character deets on Noah Hawley’s upcoming “Alien” series over at FX.

Set to film March 22, the 1-hour ‘drama’ intends to shoot the first two episodes in two months, break two months for post/NFX and then go into shooting the series, suggesting “Alien” opens with a two-hour movie-length episode.

At this stage, the Hawley (“Fargo”) written and directed venture is targeting Thailand or Eastern Europe as a possible filming locale.

Here’s details for two characters being cast :

Lead Male (30 – 35)
Male, 30-35, an army medic. Any ethnicity. Domhnall Gleeson is the
prototype. Will need options.

Lead Female
Any age. Any ethnicity. Hermit’s sister, but in someone else’s body
(Hermit thought his sister died/was killed in an experiment, and then realizes it’s her in this other soldier’s body). Must be muscular, able
to do action. Someone who is a chameleon, comedic chops a plus.
Think DANAI GURIRA, Wil need options.

This is the first in the series set on Earth.

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