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The Batman : word from the last test screening & more!

A sneak peek for the Robert Pattinson starrer has been released

They screened “The Batman” again yesterday for an unsuspecting crowd at the Warner Bros lot.

The result, according to oft-reliable tipster ‘Vampire Anon’, “there were apparently multiple standing ovations”.

The insider has shed details on the Matt Reeves-directed Caped Crusader reboot a couple of times now confirming such details as its lengthy runtime (at this stage its said to run for close to 3-hours), its frightening, grim tone (for starters, The Riddler in this one is closer to “Saw” villain Jigsaw), and some excellently choreographed fight sequences.

Until we get confirmation on all those exciting titbits, a teaser featuring Robert Pattinson’s new ‘bat voice’ has dropped just in time for DC FanDome. Check it out below!

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