Rafe’s Rumour Corner : Terminator on the telly (again)

An insider with a glass to the door of those that wear Brooks Brothers

Expect to see a new “Terminator” TV series before another film.

Studio brass get wobbly on their feet when the proposition of another movie reboot comes up – and no surprise, considering how “Dark Fate” and “Genesis” went – so there’s talk of Skydance-TV and Netflix bringing the property to TV as a limited event series.

With original T-800 Arnold Schwarzenegger working on a series for Skydance and Netflix as we speak – – Nick Santora’s untitled spy adventure series – – I’d say there’s a good to great chance of the big guy getting involved in a “Terminator” series should it happen there too.

The big screen series will go ‘hasta la vista, Baby’ for a while me thinks.

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