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Review : Flashback – A showcase for Dylan O’Brien

Commences in Australian Cinemas September 23

Belonging to the same subgenre as morbid time-travel flicks “The Butterfly Effect” and “Predestination”, Christopher MacBride’s “Flashback” pushes down on the rewind and fast-forward buttons, chronicling the tale of a young man who has unremitting flashbacks of a woman who disappeared in high school. It’s up to the audience to decipher what’s going on here, and without giving too much away, the film’s motivation isn’t to solve a murder or kidnapping.

Clever, sure, but as confusing and too twisty to keep up with. Some screenwriters need to remember that John Nash and Will Hunting aren’t the only guys who enjoy movies.

One thing “Flashback” is successful at is remind us of young actor Dylan O’Brien’s versatility but more so, undeniable talent. A better vehicle is surely just around the corner for him.

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