Interview : Rocky Gray – 10/31 Part 2

10/31 Part 2 is now available on digital from Terror Films

We quiz Rocky Gray, producer of 10/31 Part 2, on the latest instalment of the horror franchise.


When did this project come to be, Rocky?

We began pre production on 10/31 Part 2 in early 2018.


And the inspiration? Creepshow, primarily, I imagine?

Creepshow is definitely an inspiration along with Tales From The Darkside,  The Twilight Zone

and Trick r Treat.


Where do you start with an anthology film- the directors or the stories?

I begin with the directors and then we start talking about the story they would like to create.


And do the directors come up with their own stories?

Yes. Some of them have writers that they work closely with if they don’t write the story themselves.


Have you a personal fave amongst this bunch?

I don’t have a favorite. I love something about every one of the segments we have.


The film was released a couple of years back, initially, but is now premiering on digital for the first time. Do I have that right?

It came out on Blue-Ray and VHS in 2019 and is now being released digitally through Terror Films.


And if it’s a hit, are we talking a further sequel?

We are in post production on 10/31 Part 3 as we speak.


10/31 Part 2 is now available on digital from Terror Films

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