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David Lynch’s Wisteria aka Twin Peaks : Season 4 “abandoned”!?

Lynch was working on a new top-secret series for Netflix rumoured to be a fourth season of the show

“Twin Peaks : The Return” – or “Twin Peaks : Season 3” as some fans bill it – was four years ago now. Ever since that jaw-dropping, questions-lingering finale aired, fans have waited sweatingly for news on a follow-up season.

Creator and director David Lynch has given us glimmers of hope that a fourth season of the landmark thriller series might be in the works, suggesting a couple of times that he has some ideas to continue the story. Keeping our hope alive in recent times, a rumour that Lynch’s proposed new series for Netflix, titled “Wisteria” is actually a “Twin Peaks” continuation.

Now comes word that “Wisteria” – aka “rumoured Twin Peaks Season 4”, aka “Twin Peaks Spin-Off”, aka “Unconnected series but the cast and crew sure are trolling us then..” – might be off.

According to a reliable Reddit tipster, the same chap that revealed the news on “Wisteria” (and was correct about it), the series has been abandoned.

Here’s the scoop, courtesy some reliable, trustworthy and lovely “Twin Peaks” fans (seriously, are they not the friendliest fan community?!) online.

As Fate Colossal suggests, the series might simply have been put on pause while the pandemic is still in full swing, and could resume later, or maybe Netflix and Lynch have parted ways and the “Mulholland Drive” helmer is shopping it to other networks.

With “Wisteria” being one of the rumoured working titles for the new series, it was very interesting when “Twin Peaks” cast and crew started posting pictures of the wisteria flower on their socials. From Kyle MacLachlan to Michael Horse and Amanda Seyfried, quite a few of those involved in the last season of the cult series seemed to simultaneously post similar pics.

Sabrina Sutherland, executive producer of “Twin Peaks : The Return”, had suddenly started posting a lot of behind-the-scenes over from “Twin Peaks : The Return” on her Instagram in recent months too.

Best advice? stay tuned to some of those accounts on Twitter – particularly the wonderful Fate Colossal, the must-read daily posts at Obnoxious and Anonymous, and the legends at Twin Peaks Archive.

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