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Chucky series will answer unanswered questions from the films

“Child’s Play” spin-off series airs in October

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Just a few weeks now until the new “Child’s Play” TV series spin-off “Chucky” hits the air, and the cast and crew have been wheeled out to spruik it in the lead-up to the premiere.

Creator Don Mancini says the series, airing on American networks SyFy and USA Channel, has been in the works since 2017. He intentionally left questions lingering at the end of the last film in the series “Cult of Chucky” so they could be answered in the series.

“I deliberately wanted to set up a bunch of cliffhangers and new issues that I knew, if we were able to get the TV series off the ground, that we’d have ample opportunity to get into everything – more so than we could with any single 90-minute movie,” Mancini tells SFX in the new issue of the magazine.

Speaking to Deadline, Mancini says the show will also explore the backstory of Chucky’s alter-ego Charles Lee Ray.

“Exploring Charles Lee Ray’s origins has been something that the fans have wanted to see and have been asking for literally for decades now,” he said. “And one of the reasons I was excited about taking the franchise into the medium of television was because having so much storytelling real estate, eight hours of Chucky, that provided such a great opportunity for exploring that stuff, among other stuff. But, yeah, so one of the things I was most excited about doing with the show was exploring Charles Lee Ray’s origin.”

“Chucky” airs October 12.

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