Blu-ray Review : Eye See You

Umbrella Entertainment have re-issued the serial killer film on Blu-ray

Re-issued under its original title (it was originally titled “D-Tox” for its Australian theatrical release) for BD, the Sly Stallone ‘curiosity’ “Eye See You”.

A less-macho Sylvester Stallone, the finest support cast this side of a Robert Altman film, cinematography by Oscar winner Dean Semler, an exquisite icy backdrop, snazzy looking one-sheeter and a director crowned 1996’s king of the slasher genre. How could this fail!?

Directed by Jim Gillespie (”I Know What you Did Last Summer’), “Eye See You” has a plot so thin it was probably scribbled on the back of a matchbox. An alcoholic cop (Stallone) has a co-worker and girlfriend murdered by the same serial killer, and in an attempt to get himself back in order joins up for a rehab programme run in the isolated snowy alps. Surprise, surprise, the killer has also followed him to the mini-Alcatraz and begins to hunt his fellow patients down one by one.

The pic is unintentionally one of the funniest films in a long time. The plot is so hole-ridden you could pour tequila down it, and the lines are so unbearably cheesy one wonders whether Carrot Top or Pauly Shore snuck into the screenwriter’s office in lunchtime and amended the script. Take this little beauty for example – your token Stallone quip, “Eye see you, now see this!” blurted as the action veteran throws the film’s villain around the room.

It appears that this film has been cut significantly (doesn’t say much when the film only goes for 96 minutes anyway) because the pieces just don’t fit together. Even some of the supporting characters are reduced to cameo-size parts, when some of them – namely Robert Patrick and Sean Patrick Flannery – could have been the film’s saving grace.

It’s quite sad that Stallone had been condensed to drivel like this before his comeback with “Rocky Balboa”. A few years prior he made his comeback with an almost Oscar-worthy performance in “Copland”, and even though most of his other recent films borderline on the mediocre, they’re much more entertaining and lively than this dull vehicle.

The outsized ensemble of supporting players have also checked themselves into the wrong detox centre. Superior performers like Tom Berenger, Robert Patrick, Kris Kristofferson, Sean Patrick Flannery and Jeffrey Wright – are abridged to little more than background fodder, with only a handful of lines each, and despicable spittings of that.

Umbrella’s new Blu-ray release is undoubtedly one Sly fans will want to get their hands on, dunno about the rest of you though..

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