Laurie takes off Michael’s mask in new Halloween Kills trailer!?

Attendees at CinemaCon saw the footage today

A trailer for the upcoming “Halloween Kills” was unveiled today at CinemaCon in Vegas.

There to help spruik the horror sequel, star and producer Jamie Lee Curtis spoke about the effect the pandemic has had on theaters.

The horror vet said her favorite theater is the Magic Lantern in Ketchem, ID, and introduced its owner Rick Kessler. “I really felt lost when we had to close down last year. I hope that doesn’t happen again,” he said, expressing his passion for turning on the projector for crowds. Introducing Halloween Kills, Kessler said, “I’ll probably never see it because I swore off horror movies” to laughs in Caesars’ Colosseum.

ScreenRant were in attendance and had the following description of the trailer :

“Opens on pumpkin, kids running around and two of them swinging in a park. A woman asks, ‘Hey, what are you guys doing out here? Are you alone?’ A kid responds, ‘There’s a creepy man in a white mask, and he’s trying to play hide and seek with us.’ The woman asks where he is, and then sees Michael in the distance. Michael jumps on top of a nearby van and attacks the people inside. Another woman tries to shoot him but is out of bullets. Smash-cut to the house fire from the end of the previous film. Then we see the police interrogate the Strode family about the fire. They talk about Michael, but one of the cops says Michael is still alive. Laurie says in a voiceover, ’40 years ago, the boogeyman came for us. We are the survivors of Michael Myers.’ We then see the survivors from the past films, including Anthony Michael Hall as the new version of Tommy. We then see Allyson trying to attack Michael but loses the fight. Karen yells, ‘You wanna fucking kill someone? Take me!’ Another scene of Laurie in the hospital with a bloody knife, saying, ‘I wanna take his mask off and see the life leave his eyes.’ Trailer ends on Laurie trying to take off his mask.”

“Halloween Kills” is still on track to release late October.

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