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Twin Peaks : Season 4 Rumour : Filming begins next week!?

Rumours persist that “Wisteria” is actually a new “Twin Peaks” story

Is it future or is it past!?

Over the past year or so there have been a Formica table’s worth of rumours suggesting that David Lynch’s new series at Netflix – said to be utilizing working titles “Unrecorded Night” and “Wisteria” – is actually a direct follow-up to Showtime’s “Twin Peaks : The Return”.

Lynch had said in previous years that he was considering a return to “Twin Peaks”, and seemed particularly interested in telling more of Carrie Page’s story.

With “Wisteria” being one of the rumoured working titles for the new series, it was very interesting when – a month or so ago – “Twin Peaks” cast and crew started posting pictures of the wisteria flower on their socials. From Kyle MacLachlan to Michael Horse and Amanda Seyfried, quite a few of those involved in the last season of the cult series seemed to simultaneously post similar pics.

Either most of the “Twin Peaks” cast is involved in Lynch’s new, “unrelated” series or they’re hinting that an exciting announcement is just around the corner. Are we headed back to the Great Northern!?

More ammo for the “Twin Peaks Season 4” pistol?

Sabrina Sutherland, executive producer of “Twin Peaks : The Return”, has suddenly started posting a lot of behind-the-scenes over from “Twin Peaks : The Return” on her Instagram in recent weeks.

Sutherland has also been liking a few posts that add fuel to the fire. In addition, she’s being very careful how she answers questions :

There’s also a couple of purported insiders leaking information. One, said to be involved in the last season of “Twin Peaks”, says that Lynch is indeed working on the next season.

See below for some of that :

So there you have it, rumour is this new David Lynch series films from next week (if that’s not on the money, it would seem to be very soon) and the cast/crew don’t seem to be doing themselves any favors if they don’t want us to think it’s “Twin Peaks”-related.

Best advice? stay tuned to some of those accounts on Twitter – particularly the wonderful Fate Colossal, the must-read daily posts at Obnoxious and Anonymous, and the legends at Twin Peaks Archive.

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