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Plot details for Pet Sematary prequel unearthed

The film tells of Jud Crandall’s younger years

The recently-announced “Pet Sematary” prequel will tell the backstory of Jud Crandall, played by John Lithgow in the recent remake, reports The Illuminerdi.

According to the site, the film chronicles Crandall’s younger years “and what kept him in Ludlow, Maine. Jud and his childhood friends have a heavily intertwined history, including intricate rivalries and resentments. Jud appears to have it all, gaining the things he wants in life through his easygoing disposition and charming smile. This inspires pain and resentment from his best friends Manny, the only Native American in a primarily Caucasian town which has led him to be an outsider, and Timmy, whose life is marred by tragedy and pain. While the three boys were inseparable as kids, their friendship was destroyed by one terrible choice.

Jud and his girlfriend Norma plan to leave Ludlow, Maine to join the Peace Corps, but unfortunately their past begins to creep up on them and the fragile peace of Ludlow fractures. They discover unspeakable horrors and concealed secrets of Ludlow and its history and everything we thought we knew about the Pet Sematary and its origins comes apart. As the terrifying events unfold Jud and Manny must work together and fix their friendship to stop the evil tormenting their hometown.”

The site also has character descriptions for the film, which will star Jackson Whiter as Crandall.

Lindsey Beer makes her diretcorial debut on the film.


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