Dee Wallace and a Freaky Teddy Bear in The Nest trailer!

The film is also available exclusively from TODAY at Redbox!

Genre icon Dee Wallace stars in the fun-looking “The Nest”, which is getting a Digital, DVD and On Demand release in North America via 4DigitalMedia.

The film is also available exclusively from TODAY at Redbox!

When Meg and her mother Beth visit a yard sale, Beth buys her young daughter an adorable stuffed bear, thinking it may help with Meg’s separation anxiety. As children do, she quickly becomes attached to the bear, talking to it and taking it everywhere she goes. However, soon Beth notices that the bear is communicating with Meg and even influencing her behavior. When Meg starts developing hoarding habits, and seems infected by a parasitic creature, things take a turn for the worse. Soon it’s clear there’s something much more nightmarish and sinister to this yard sale toy than anyone could have imagined.

Directed by James Suttles and written by Jennifer Trudrung, “The Nest” also stars Sarah Navratil, Kevin Patrick Murphy, Drez Ryan, Blaque Fowler, Anna Lynn Holleman, Penny Munroe, Maple Suttles, and Piper Suttles.

Check out the trailer!

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