Venom and We All Think We’re Special actor Jared Bankens on his favorite horror films

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Take us back. What was the first horror you remember seeing?
‘Dracula’ and OG ‘Phantom Of The Opera’! The old Universal Monster movies are some of my favorites.

And how did it affect you at the time?
I fell in love.

Was it a horror film, or another type of film, that motivated your decision to pursue a career in the arts?
It was a Lon Chaney Sr documentary I’d seen as a kid. For me, that guy was the greatest.

Did you have any mentors coming up?
Not really. I’ve always been the type to figure things out on my own.

How did this latest flick come about?
Will McGovern and I had previously worked together, and he had a relationship with Kirby. Will pushed for a feature that had the two of us working together, Kirby hit me up, we met, and the rest is history; I’m glossing over major points but that’s the gist of it.

Was it a long shoot?
15 days for me. I think 17 days, total.

Any on-set anecdotes or stories you can share?
From this film? I don’t know, I try to always be focused and block everything else out when I’m working. I met some absolutely stellar humans that I now consider family. What I’ve learned from the business is to be kind, receptive, and stand up for what you want.

If you had to compare it to another movie, what would it be?
Man, off the top of my head, I can’t honestly think of any other films comparable to it. There’s borrowed elements from Bergman and Aronofsky.

Do horror movies have a place in the pandemic, you think? Do you think they’re a fun distraction?
Pardon my language, but abso-fucking-lutely! I mean ‘Mandy’, ‘Suspiria’ and ‘The Thing’, are my personal go-to movies for when I’m down. Horror is the perfect escapism, in my opinion.

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