Interview : Rachel Alig on Digging to Death

“Wives of the Skies” actress in new horror film, released on DVD and Digital this week

One of the most gifted and versatile actors working across across independent film today, award-winning actress Rachel Alig follows up memorable work in the likes of “Wives of the Skies” and “Grace’s Room” with a creepy new venture, “Digging to Death”.

The film, released on DVD and Digital this week, tells of a man that makes some grand discoveries that change his life while installing a septic tank.

We caught up with Alig, who plays Jessica Vanowen, ahead of the release.



Take us back. What was the first horror you remember seeing?

The first horror movie I remember seeing is, IT (1990)!

And how did it affect you at the time?

Let’s just say I am still terrified of clowns!  Not even kidding.

Was it a horror film, or another type of film, that motivated your decision to pursue a career in the arts?

As a little girl I knew every word to THE WIZARD OF OZ.  I loved everything about that movie; Dorothy, her red slippers, her blue and white dress, Todo the dog, the cowardly lion, every element was so memorable and captivating.  That movie really drew me into the art of imagination, storytelling, and acting.  As an adult, there were a number of movies that compelled me to enter the industry.  MULHOLLAND DRIVE and THE DEER HUNTER are two movies that will absolutely stick with me.

Overall, I just love the art of acting and filmmaking.  Cinema is such a powerful tool for storytelling, I can’t imagine my life without being a part of it.

Did you have any mentors coming up?

I was honored to work with the world renown artist, Paul McCarthy for about four years making experimental films.  His approach to exploring the human condition, the dark side of humanity, and the chaos that exist amongst us has by far been the most influential filmmaking experience on me personally and professionally.

How did this latest flick come about?

Our director, Michael Blevins, and I knew each other.  Thankfully, he asked me to audition and fortunately I booked the part.  Michael and I became good friends throughout filming.

Was it a long shoot?

Overall, it was a pretty long shoot, but I actually only had a few days of filming.

Any on-set anecdotes or stories you can share?

Our lead, Ford Austin was a total joy to work with!

If you had to compare it to another movie, what would it be?

Honestly, I think it stands alone as a unique entity.

Do horror movies have a place in the pandemic, you think? Do you think they’re a fun distraction?

Absolutely!  On a number of occasions, I curled up on my couch in my PJs with a bowl of popcorn and watched horror films all night.  It was the perfect distraction!

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