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Scary Movie actress rumoured for Superman gig

JJ Abrams is producing for WB and DC

Actress turned filmmaker Regina King is rumoured to be directing the recently-announced “Superman” reboot for Warner Bros.

Amusingly enough, the “Scary Movie” actress was notified of the rumour while doing a live interview.

During an MSNBC interview on Saturday, Tiffany Cross, of The Cross Connection, first made King aware of the rumor. “I’m curious, because this is a little bit of gossip. You’re rumored to be on the short list to direct Superman. You and Barry Jenkins, both of your names have been thrown out there,” the MSNBC host said. “Anything you want to tell us? Is there any news you can break this morning about those conversations?”

“Tiffany, that is news to me. You have broke the news to me,” laughed King. “A news break, live on MSNBC!”

“Yeah, no, I have not heard that until just now,” she continued, appearing surprised.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, King is one of several directors being considered to direct a new “Superman” film, featuring a black Man of Steel, that JJ Abrams is producing.

Seemingly only open to black directors for the project, the trade reported that directors up for the project include King, Jenkins, Ryan Coogler, Steven Caple Jr., J.D. Dillard and Shaka King.

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