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Crop Circle Realities is a striking, compelling watch

If you’ve ever had a fascination with E.T’s and Crop Circles, you’ll find plenty of interest in the new Darcy Weir-directed doco ”Crop Circle Realities”.

Exploring the phenomena by spanning the globe with it’s stories, and having experts Gary King, Stephen Bassett, and Jaime Maussan clue us in on what might be happening here, “Crop Circle Realities” provides compelling insight into the who, what and where of these other wordly (!?) creations.

Consisting of classic footage and some beautiful aerial photography, the filmmaker proves he not only knows how to craft an interesting doc but a good-looking one too.

There’s enough info – and on the web, you’ll likely find even more – to suggest that some of these immense land gashes are indeed not all man made. **Cue the Spooky Music**

The film is now available on several digital platforms, including Google and iTunes.

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