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Black Widow available day-and-date on Disney+

In a move that’s sure see fists slamming desks at the major theater chains, Disney announced today that they’ll be releasing a couple of their major tentpoles directly to Disney+ on the same day they hit theaters.

The next two films to get the “Raya and the Dragon” treatment are “Marvel’s Black Widow”, which was originally due for release nearly twelve months ago, and “Cruella”, the live-action “101 Dalmatians” prequel with Emma Stone.

The former will be available in theaters and on streaming platforms on July 7, while “Cruella” is available May 28. Both films will set Disney+ subscribers back an extra $30 if they opt to watch them at home.

The studio has also pushed a few other genre releases back, including “Death on the Nile (now Feb 11, 2022), “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” (September 3, 2021), “The King’s Man” (December 22, 2021), and “Deep Water” (January 14, 2022).

The scuffle between the studio and theater managers begins…. Now.

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