Details and a sneak peek on Mortal Kombat‘s opening scene

Several horror outlets were given the chance to check out a cool 13-minutes off the top of the forthcoming “Mortal Kombat” redo (check out a small clip from it below).

Here’s what Bloody Disgusting say about the prologue, “Mortal Kombat opens to a peaceful Japanese home nestled in a quiet forest. After a loving exchange, Hanzo Hasashi (Hiroyuki Sanada) leaves his wife, son, and newborn baby at the house while he heads out to collect water from a stream. The wife and son try to soothe the fussy baby to sleep when the wife remarks how cold the house seems. Outside, there are brief but sudden sounds of combat and the shadowed silhouette of the guard stationed just outside gets run-through, his blood splattering the fusuma walls as the blade cuts through it. The son carefully tucks the baby beneath the floorboards. Bi-han (Joe Taslim) steps through the gap, quietly demanding to know Hanzo Hasashi’s location. He tries to disarm the wife and son’s fear through friendly small talk and shows them his ability to conjure up ice on a whim. When they still won’t budge, his friendly demeanor breaks.

The wife’s scream reverberates through the forest, and Hanzo drops his water buckets to rush back home. He fights his way through Bi-han’s guards, bones crunching and blood spraying as he takes them out with ease. He makes his way to his wife and son, both dead and melded together in a grisly ice sculpture. It leads to a brutal fight to the death between Hanzo and Bi-han. Bi-han deals a mortal blow and leaves, but not before Hanzo warns Bi-han never to forget his face. The baby cries out, but Hanzo perishes before he can get to the baby. His body erupts in flames and dissipates into ash. Then, lightning touches down. Raiden (Tadanobu Asano) arrives, retrieves the baby, then zaps out again. Cue the title card.”

“Mortal Kombat” is scheduled to open in theaters in both the U.S and Australia on April 16; HBO Max subscribers will also be able to check out the film on the same date.